A user-friendly, state-of-the-art way to create a secure remote programming network

KV_GECKOWhen you need an easy way to build connections to remote devices, the Hirschmann Secure Remote Access Solution is an ideal choice. The Secure Remote Access Solution system allows customers to remotely access their sites in order to troubleshoot and fix problems, reducing the need for travel and allowing staff to work more efficiently by handling multiple systems simultaneously.

Key Differentiator: This combined hardware and software system can be configured with little IT knowledge or assistance. Permanent internet protocol (IP) addresses are not required, and there is no need to reconfigure corporate firewalls. Thus, the system enables secure access for remote programming and diagnostics with no disruptions to existing systems.

Target Applications: The Secure Remote Access Solution’s simple set-up, ease of use and secure technology make it ideal for the machine building industry, which often needs remote access to plants and machinery around the world. The system also offers many benefits for companies whose employees require off-site access.

Who do I sell it to: 

  • This is an ideal solution for control engineers and machine builders (OEMs) who need constant monitoring and control of their global systems or instant access for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • This product also helps companies embrace the Industrial Internet of Things movement by enabling a secure way for many devices to connect together and communicate, often referred to as Machine to Machine, or M2M.

To help you offer your customers comprehensive advice on the Secure Remote Access Solution, we are providing you with a customer promotion flyer, a Sales Guide/FAQthe latest Product Bulletine-catalog information to update your websites, and a detailed presentation on the technical enhancements. On the Secure Remote Access microsite you will find related software and documentation: www.sra.hirschmann.com.

The Starter Package includes everything your customer needs to get started and test the solution. The Starter Package, limited to one per company includes:

  • One SiteManager license (runs on GECKO switch hardware or Windows PCs)
  • One LinkManager floating software license
  • LinkManager mobile software
  • GateManager free cloud service with basic administration
Product DescriptionOrder No.
Starter Package 5 Nodes License942 144-403
Starter Package 10 Nodes License942 144-404

If you have any additional questions, please contact +49 7127 14-1809, your Belden sales team inet-sales@belden.com, or visit www.beldensolutions.com.

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