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also NEW : we propose since september 2013, to perform a reflectometry so as to measure and certify your optical fibers x

Industrial Ethernet Consultant – fully Hirschmann certified


EEnd customers

You benefit from our 21 years of knowledge on the industrial market and on Hirschmann products to help you design, develop, maintain your facilities and train your staff to develop their skills.


We can work with a total transparently to your customers or in tandem with your staff. We participate to change your internal staff”s skills through specific training dedicated to your core business.


You maintain your market and keep your customer as we ensure only services and send back the end customer to you for products purchase.


We help you to design your network, choose the right technology and products and we guide you for the commissioning…

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Assistance techniqueEnd customer or contractor, we can assist you directly or as a co-contractor for the network set-up and commissioning …

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Audit / Validation

Audit, ValidationWe can provide you an audit or a certification of your network availability as well as troubleshooting problems…

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FormationsWe train your staff on Network theory and on the practice on Hirschmann products

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