You can now configure your HiOS switches and routers without Java thanks to the new version HiOS 7.0!

HiOS software offers intelligent and unique combinations of network redundancy protocols to meet the physical and application requirements your customers demand.

The result?

High network availability and data security for optimum production process efficiency.

This latest version is now easier to use with a new graphical user interface that no longer requires you to install the Java Runtime Environment (or no more needs of HiView).

  • Increases the power and performance of Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Focuses on redundancy technologies for maximum network availability
  • Developed specifically to meet the requirements of the automation sector


Why HTML5?

  • Java is no longer supported by major browsers
  • Java is considered a security risk
  • Java is not firewalls friendly

Why have a graphical user interface?

  • Industrial customers expect a graphical user interface
  • The command line is not acceptable for non-computer scientists
  • Even computer scientists appreciate all the information provided by a graphical user interface

What about the “Classic” firmware version (v9.0.12 being the last one)?

  • There will be no pure HTML interface – The JRE is still required
  • HiView will still be available for free

Will Java still be available for HiOS?

  • No. When HiOS version 8.0 is released, Belden will no longer support Java

Are Java version configuration files supported in HTML versions?

  • Yes. Only the interface has been modified (while integrating patches from release 6).

Is the update of Java to HTML free for existing products?

  • Yes. A simple update of the firmware is required (with a mandatory restart but not necessarily consecutive).

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