Effective August 22, 2013 Hirschmann EAGLE 20/30 multiport firewall devices will ship with the new Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS).

HiSecOS on the Eagle 20/30

The new HiSecOS improves firewall and routing performance for edge and core industrial security applications.

Access control lists, firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) web interface are just a few of the usability improvements. The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral device discovery protocol, as define by the IEEE 802.1ab standard. Read more

The new software is combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

HiVision_Web-Pic.jpgBelden announces a major new release of its Hirschmann™ network management software for industrial networks, combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

Ease of installation and use, as well as total flexibility are key benefits of version 5.0 of the Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software, designed for use by automation engineers. This new version builds on the success of previous releases and incorporates a range of functionalities for effective industrial network management. Read more

Cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates

Webpic_MACH104-L3P.jpgThe workgroup switches in our new MACH104-L3P series are a cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates, such as video surveillance or IP telephony. They combine switching with extensive routing functions and feature a kettle lead power plug. They also support Gigabit speeds, various redundancy methods, Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2). Finally, they come with the Hirschmann industry-proven standard of high quality. Read more

Santerne_logoAfter a successful Factory acceptance tests with the future operator of the Prado Sud Tunnel in february inside Santerne’s office in Marseille,  we have now performed the Site acceptance tests of the tunnel control command network…

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Protecting Ethernet fiber-optic networks against multiple switch failures

OBR40.jpgIf network availability is your top priority, the OBR40 optical bypass relay is the perfect solution. Even if the power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network, with the exception of the directly affected applications, will continue to be available – and hence practically of your processes.
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We were initially called for troubleshooting and auditing the Hirschmann network of the DRT company (Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques – company specialized in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin) on their Vielle Saint Girons’ site

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Cost-effective upgrade for Industrial HiVision


The new Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) is a cost-effective way for you to update your Industrial HiVision network management software. Provided you have a full license for versions 04.0.00 or later, in return for a single payment you will automatically receive the latest release for a period of twelve months. This way, you can make an exact calculation and precise budgeting for the costs of network administration and monitoring over twelve months, in line with a Total Cost of Ownership approach. You also save up to 60 percent in comparison with the one-time purchase of an update.

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Since 2011, we have the privilege of working into exclusivity with the French car manufacturer: PSA Peugeot Citroën  for the validation of its industrial Ethernet networks installed in new facilities.

We operate in all new installations throughout France and abroad (Russia, Slovakia and China for the moment) to ascertain and certify the proper functioning of the industrial network and the quality of work of the various integrators (Clemessy, Cegelec, Spie, Inéo, 5 Cinétics, Taikisha, Dürr, …) with PSA. Read more

During a training of the maintenance staff, we get to know the head of the Ethernet network infrastructure that drives the Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque (seaport in the fat north of France) who wished to have an audit.

logo GPMD

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Since 2010, we provide assistance to the project management of Escota for all its traffic monitoring network (named “RHDI” Réseau Haut Débit à Integration de service – Broadband Network with Services Integration).

This network uses Hirschmann devices to ease the highways operators’s management, to transmit the emergency call network, to remote monitor lanes using CCTV, for automatic incident detection, for counting trucks, to display information on the Variable Message panels, to manage and display travel time on Variable Message Panels … mixing layer 2 in a MRP ring and layer 3 using OSPF and connected to Cisco routers for the centralization of the entire infrastructure.

Escota-logo posi

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