Maximum network availability and all-round protection against network attacks
Unique redundancy and security functions in the new Hirschmann operating system (HiOS) 3.0 bring improved data security and the highest level of network availability, while ensuring cost-effective production processes. HiOS extends the range of potential applications for industrial Ethernet switches from Hirschmann. This is particularly relevant to the energy sector, through use of an IEC61850 server and MMRP support by integrating switches seamlessly into a variety of sector-related applications. Many other industries can also benefit from an operating system that completely redefines the performance of automation networks.


  • pecially developed with the requirements of automation networks in mind, HiOS 3.0 supports the RSP, RSPL, RSPS and EES families of Hirschmann switches, as well as the modular MSP systems. This means that these switches are ideally suited for applications that demand maximum network availability, typically found in automobile manufacturing, transportation and energy sectors.

    Not only does HiOS 3.0 bring the largest range of standard functions in the automation area, it also has a number of special features. These include support for the Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP), which runs on top of the Security Layer and registers group MAC addresses (e.g. for Multicast) on multiple switches. In the energy sector, an IEC61850 server can be used to transfer diagnostic information directly to control systems, for example. This means that applications such as protection devices can utilize Hirschmann switches as integral components.

    The redundancy methods provided by HiOS 3.0 — parallel redundancy protocol (PRP) and high-availability seamless redundancy (HSR) — have switching times of 0 ms to ensure uninterrupted data communication. This operating system also supports link aggregation and allows combinations of multiple rings, which insures fast network redundancy while meeting relevant standards.

    Supported security mechanisms include authentication, RADIUS, role-based access, port security, SSHv2, HTTPS, SFTP and ACL. Comprehensive management and diagnostic facilities, plus precise synchronization compliant with IEEE 1588v2, are further distinctive features found in HiOS 3.0 In short, this operating system turns Hirschmann switches into the most powerful industrial Ethernet devices the market has to offer.

    More detailed information on our new HiOS 3.0 operating system – running on the RSP, RSPL, RSPS and EES families of switches plus the modular MSP systems – can be found here:

    • Operating System HiOS 3.0


It is a bit late but here is the new Belden/Hirschmann trainings catalog for 2014 as a PDF file.

Sorry, the content is in french but the trainings description is in english. Trainings car occurs in French or in English (in France) or in English or German (in Germany). Prices are indicated in the schedule (last pages) in the last column of the table.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Iris Hosatte from Belden at  +33 1 39 35 45 70 for any questions relatives to training and content (you can also contact me using the contact form on this website and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible – consider some delay as I might be on duty on a customer site).

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The beta release of industrial Hivision is currently being tested by beta-testers.

The final release should be ready in the next 2 months.

New features  :

  • Support for HiMobile
  • New protocol: Modbus/TCP
  • Display of leased licenses
  • Status of Domains updated
  • Additional information in lists ‘Devices’, ‘Ports’ and ‘Connections’
  • Display of the time in the GUI
  • Home View
  • Location in device related events (default: disabled)
  • Status of connections now included the reachability of the devices
  • Userdefined properties: dialog non modal
  • Additional MultiConfig™ functionality
    • BATs
    • EAGLE 20/One
      • Packet Filter – Address Templates
      • Configure firewall rules on multiple devices
    • QR Code Generator
    • New devices:
      • EAGLE One
      • GarrettCom 10RX
      • Schneider Electric M580: Backplane Rack Grouping
  • New language:
    • Indonesian


Round-the-clock service for increased network availability

The new 24×7 Technical Support Plan guarantees help with network problems, at any time and at any place, worldwide. It enhances the availability of Ethernet infrastructures built around devices from the Hirschmann and GarrettCom product ranges, and improves the productivity of your business processes. 

Should problems arise, you can request support anywhere in the world, around the clock, 365 days a year, using national telephone numbers that are reserved exclusively for the 24×7 Technical Support Plan, or – with top priority – via the Online Help Desk Service.

You can make use of exclusive phone numbers and our online service help desk. Both are reserved exclusively for the new combined Hirschmann™/GarrettCom® service. Unlike the contact details for ordinary toll-free support lines that are only available on weekdays during regular business hours, customers that have a 24×7 technical support plan receive priority service.

The 24×7 Technical Support Plan is site-based and covers a Local Area Network (LAN). The annual fee is based on the list price of your installed equipment. Together with additional information, such as the network topology and configuration files, the device overview on which the fee is based also enables us to provide you with immediate and comprehensive assistance.

Visit the Technical Support to find out more about our new round-the-clock service.

Belden offers wireless access points with a new modular design concept – the new OpenBAT family from Hirschmann™.


Individually configurable via the Internet, the robust access points in the new OpenBAT family from Hirschmann guarantee stable WLAN connections – even in the most demanding industrial applications. These devices can be used to implement wireless communication solutions that were previously solely the domain of cable-based networks typically found in rail transport, electricity supply or mechanical engineering. With Clear Space® technology inside, ESD protection and the option of integrated high-voltage power supply, the OpenBAT family sets new standards in lifetime operational effectiveness – leading to significant reductions in total cost of ownership.

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Effective August 22, 2013 Hirschmann EAGLE 20/30 multiport firewall devices will ship with the new Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS).

HiSecOS on the Eagle 20/30

The new HiSecOS improves firewall and routing performance for edge and core industrial security applications.

Access control lists, firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) web interface are just a few of the usability improvements. The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral device discovery protocol, as define by the IEEE 802.1ab standard. Read more

The new software is combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

HiVision_Web-Pic.jpgBelden announces a major new release of its Hirschmann™ network management software for industrial networks, combining the benefits of a manufacturer-specific application with the flexibility of a generic open network management platform.

Ease of installation and use, as well as total flexibility are key benefits of version 5.0 of the Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software, designed for use by automation engineers. This new version builds on the success of previous releases and incorporates a range of functionalities for effective industrial network management. Read more

Cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates

Webpic_MACH104-L3P.jpgThe workgroup switches in our new MACH104-L3P series are a cost-effective alternative for Layer 3 applications with high data rates, such as video surveillance or IP telephony. They combine switching with extensive routing functions and feature a kettle lead power plug. They also support Gigabit speeds, various redundancy methods, Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2). Finally, they come with the Hirschmann industry-proven standard of high quality. Read more

Protecting Ethernet fiber-optic networks against multiple switch failures

OBR40.jpgIf network availability is your top priority, the OBR40 optical bypass relay is the perfect solution. Even if the power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network, with the exception of the directly affected applications, will continue to be available – and hence practically of your processes.
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Cost-effective upgrade for Industrial HiVision


The new Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) is a cost-effective way for you to update your Industrial HiVision network management software. Provided you have a full license for versions 04.0.00 or later, in return for a single payment you will automatically receive the latest release for a period of twelve months. This way, you can make an exact calculation and precise budgeting for the costs of network administration and monitoring over twelve months, in line with a Total Cost of Ownership approach. You also save up to 60 percent in comparison with the one-time purchase of an update.

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