We are working since 2014 for the Mineral Water Company named Société Anonyme des Eaux Minérales d’Evian on the industrial site of AMPHION, the largest bottling company of mineral water in the world (a production area of 10 football fields, 14 production lines producing 6 million bottles each day to be sold in 150 countries around the world). We participate in “EVIAN 2015” : the biggest investment project of the Group which includes the renovation of 80% of the site without stopping production.

In this context, a new Industrial network is being set up based on Hirschmann Mach 104 &  Mach 102 to interconnect all works related to water production.

Our mission is to assist the contracting authority in technical decisions, defining the architecture and the hardware, securing the solution, implementing the devices on site, helping to interconnect the various industrial equipments, writing the technical documentation, validating networks through the RFC 2544 and finally training the maintenance staffs.